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Hereford Cathedral School has a long and distinguished history. For over 600 years the School has educated young people of Herefordshire and beyond, and today it shines as a beacon of academic, creative and sporting excellence. Hereford Cathedral School has so much to offer young people, and those of us who are fortunate enough to teach or be educated here are privileged indeed.

In the past, many pupils were able to attend the School through the support of the Assisted Places or Direct Grant schemes. Nowadays, through prudent financial management, the School is able to offer a small number of bursaries, but the demise of those Government Schemes and the lack of endowments has significantly restricted our ability to support pupils from families of limited financial means. However, with your support, we aim to build up a Bursary Fund that will extend our outstanding educational opportunities to pupils who could not otherwise attend our School. Although we are unlikely to match what previous government schemes enabled, we are determined to continue with the School's tradition of educating pupils from a wide range of backgrounds.

I hope that you will feel able to help other pupils to share in the privilege of an education at Hereford Cathedral School. In doing so, you will be helping to transform the lives of a future generations of Old Herefordians.

Paul Smith, Headmaster


Since 2012 Old Herefordians and Parents have kindly donated over £123,000 to our Bursary Fund Appeal, for which we are very grateful. Some have given large sums, others a small sum each month, both are equally appreciated and valued by the school and each contributes to transforming a life.

We always receive more requests for our means tested bursaries than we can meet and so we continue to ask our Friends to give whatever they can to this most worthwhile cause.
For further information please contact Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones on 01432 363590 or email or view our leaflet and Gift Aid form online: Bursary Fund Appeal and Giving and Gift Aid Form

An additional way to support the Bursary Fund or another project within the school is to leave money in your Will. This can be tax-efficient and can be done in a number of ways.

For information on how to leave money in your Will click here.