Ways of Giving

Transform a Life Today and Tomorrow

Hereford Cathedral School works hard to ensure that as many children as possible are able to enjoy the excellent opportunities it can offer, regardless of their financial background. However, we are not a well endowed school and so we need your help to ensure more young people can achieve their full potential. For further details on our Bursary Fund Appeal and please click here for giving and Gift Aid form and here for giving form or contact Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones on 01432 363590 or email

"The bursary awarded to my family afforded me an education and wealth of opportunity that would otherwise have been unattainable. I am forever indebted to those who funded the scheme." Jared Barazetti-Scott (OH)

As Hereford Cathedral School is a registered charity (Charity Number: 518889), it is possible to give in a number of ways and for a number of things such as bursaries, equipment, or larger capital projects and depending on your circumstances there can be tax advantages for both the School and the donor.

Gifts do not always have to be in cash and they do not always have to be in your lifetime.

Donations of your time and expertise are also welcome and valued, be it informing pupils on your area of expertise, speaking at careers evenings or mentoring former pupils to name but a few examples.

If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones, Development Director on 01432 363590 or by email.

Gifts of Cash by Gift Aid

Making a gift of any size using the Gift Aid Scheme enables Hereford Cathedral School to reclaim from the Government the basic rate of tax on the gift which will already have been paid by the donor (donors must have paid UK tax in the relevant year of the gift).

Higher rate tax payers can claim higher rate relief on their donations by including them in the Gift Aid box on their Self Assessment Tax Return.

Payroll Giving

It is now possible to make donations to charities using the Payroll Giving Scheme by authorising your employer to deduct payment from your salary before calculating PAYE tax. The Government presently pays 10% on top of all payroll giving donations. Please contact your employers for further information.

Corporate Matching Schemes

Many businesses offer Matching Gift Programmes for employees and their families. Most programmes match gifts and this is therefore a highly effective means of giving. If you would like to proceed please deal directly with your employers and then contact the Development Director, Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones.

Gifts of Shares and Securities

In this instance,the donor can achieve potentially large tax savings, not only on Capital Gains Tax, but on Income tax as well by gifting approved shares to a registered charity such as the school.

For further details, please contact Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones, Development Director on 01432 363590 or email


We are always available to discuss, in confidence, with you how you can leave a gift to the School in your Will. We have endeavoured to explain some of the options in a short leaflet, please click here to view or contact Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones, Development Director on 01432 363590 or email for further information.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." Pericles