Bah Humbug! Should we ban Christmas at HCJS?

In The Times last Saturday appeared a story about Lady Lumley’s School in Pickering which has banned Christmas! In order to help the pupils think through what Christmas should be all about, the Head of Religious Studies has asked that pupils write to her explaining why Christmas is important and why she should consider re-instating it. Whilst the move has received some mixed reaction (as described in this BBC News article), I think that it is inspired!

However, whilst we too are keen that the children remember that Christmas is about more than excitement, parties and receiving gifts, we are taking a slightly different approach to Lady Lumley’s School this year.

9 days banner
This year, we will be supporting nine charities - some local, some national and some international; some focused upon animals, some on children and some on adults - through our Nine Days of Giving Initiative.

Each morning, once the children have opened the windows in their advent calendars at home, they may like to bring in an item to donate to the day’s nominated charity. The items will be placed in one of the nine windows at the rear of Number 28, overlooking the playground. Thus we will be filling advent windows at school, whilst emptying them at home!

I hope that the whole community – children, staff and parents – will whole heartedly support this initiative and that it will prove a good opportunity for us all to consider this time of year as a time of giving, and prove to be good talking point amongst classes and families.

Let’s all hope that the project resonates with our pupils – lest they forget what Christmas is really all about and we resort to banning it!

Chris Wright, Head of the Junior School, November 2018.

This year’s charities are listed below.  Additional details are available here.

Day One – Monday 3rd December: UNICEF.  

Day Two – Tuesday 4th December. Socks & Chocs.

Day Three – Wednesday 5th December. Hereford’s Children’s Community Nursing Team.

Day Four – Thursday 6th December. Dogs Trust Evesham  

Day Five – Friday 7th December: Hereford Food Bank

Day Six – Monday 10th December: Mary’s Meals backpack project. .

Day Seven – Tuesday 11th December: Hereford Samaritans

Day Eight – Wednesday 12th December: People in Motion

Day Nine – Thursday 13th December: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

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