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Enriched childhood experiences in Reception

At HCJS, we recognise the importance of exposing children to a varied and broad curriculum, right from the outset of their education. In this article, Catrin Goode, one of our Joint Heads of EYFS & Reception Teacher, writes about what we offer in Reception as part of our Early Years provision.

Chris Wright, Head of the Junior School, March 2019


In their first five years, children develop physically, cognitively and emotionally at a faster rate than any other time. It is increasingly recognised that a positive Reception year is fundamental to launching children successfully into their school journey.  

At HCJS we work hard to embed positive attitudes to school and learning. We facilitate the characteristics of learning; these are the skills and attitudes required to help children become life-long learners, focusing not solely on what but on how they learn.

Each child develops and learns in different ways, which is why we create a broad and balanced curriculum both in and out of the classroom. In the Early Years, most of the children’s learning occurs through play: children explore, experiment, solve problems and (valuably) make mistakes. They are encouraged to communicate, interact and challenge themselves alongside their peers and adults; even on our weekly swim walk we observe and question the environments surrounding us not wanting to miss any opportunity for learning!

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Teaching and learning take place on a day to day basis through planned, timetabled sessions focusing on the areas of learning within the EYFS. However, at HCJS we offer a wide range of additional experiences – including Music, PE, Yoga, French, Swimming and Drama - through specialist subject teaching which enhance children’s development and widen their areas of interest and knowledge. These lessons also offer opportunities to build on creative thinking skills as well as promoting persistence and resilience. Through their contact with our team of specialist teachers, children become familiar with different teaching staff and become accustomed to travelling around the school.

In our experience, these carefully prepared and supported early enriched childhood experiences help children to feel more secure and confident as they deal with the inevitable challenges they will encounter on their educational journey. And, of course it is always a joy to see each individual flourish as their potential is maximised through a diverse, stimulating curriculum.

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Catrin Goode, Joint Head of EYFS, March 2019


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