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Help! Our Pegboards are Missing!

Parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will not have failed to notice that the Year 1 teachers and children have turned the Pre-Prep corridor into a castle, triggering the children’s interest and enthusiasm for their topic, ‘Turrets and Tiaras’.  Within this topic, the children will complete work relating to many areas of the curriculum throughout the next few weeks.


Similarly, last term, the children’s interest and enthusiasm was harnessed by a mysterious and almost unbelievable occurrence.


In what follows, our Year 1 teachers tell us more.


Chris Wright, Head of the Junior School, May 2019



Help! Our Pegboards are missing!


Year 1 children were flabbergasted to arrive back from playtime last term only to discover that both class reward peg boards had disappeared! The children searched their rooms, the corridors and asked other Pre-Prep staff but no one had seen them! The year group then made a plan of action - questions were asked, posters were made, leaflets designed and the children put them up around school…. Sadly no leads were found and both classes went home devastated that their beloved pegboards were missing.



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The next day there was still no news on the peg boards and everyone in school was talking about it! Year 1 decided to search for clues …… with some most surprising results. 1D and 1W found 4 clues… a tie with one of the missing pegs, a sock with another missing peg, a book with a missing peg and most suspiciously, a staff lanyard with a missing peg. All of these items pointed to the most likely culprit……the children could not believe it but it seemed that Mr Wright had taken the pegboards.



The children thought carefully about the best way to approach such a difficult situation and decided that they would write letters to Mr Wright to ask him if he knew anything about the pegboards and explain how sad they were to lose them. The children sent the letters and hoped for the best……



To the children’s delight the pegboards were back in their usual place the next morning, along with letters of apology from Mr Wright. He explained that he thought his office needed brightening up and he took the pegboards, pegs and sparkly gems as he thought they looked so nice in Year 1. Mr Wright realised it was the wrong thing to do and he said he was very, very sorry and would not do it again. Year 1 forgave him!


The children decided to write newspaper articles about the adventure and even filmed themselves reporting on the events just like real reporters! It was fantastic fun and everyone learned so much…….even Mr Wright!! 


Sophie Deakins, Jo Windows and Helen Williams, Year 1 teachers, May 2019

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