A Charitable Giving Project

The thinking behind our 9 Days of Giving Initiative is described in an earlier blog post: https://www.herefordcs.com/blog/article/bah-humbug-should-we-ban-christmas-hcjs

So, how did it go?

On Monday 3rd December 2018, HCJS launched its Nine Days of Giving initiative to support nine different charities - some local, some national and some international. Some of these charities focused upon animals, some on children and some on adults.

Each morning, once the children had opened the windows in their advent calendars at home, they chose to bring in an item to donate to the day’s nominated charity. The items were placed in one of the nine windows at the rear of Number 28, overlooking the playground. Thus we enjoyed filling advent windows at school, whilst emptying them at home!


The children were encouraged to go home and talk with their families about the charities, and choose a couple that most resonated with them. Mr Wright also set the children homework based upon the initiative, so the children could research and find out more information about their chosen charities.


“An excellent idea! It had a huge impact on all of us. My daughter really learned a lot about the charities and her RE homework really supported this. She particularly enjoyed packing a backpack for a girl of her age for Mary’s Meals charity.”


“My daughter was absolutely delighted with the 9 days of Giving! We talked about each of the charities supported and some were definitely closer to her heart then others... but that was not a deterrent as she decided to support all of them. She found it disturbing that some children were in hospital for Christmas, again this gave us opportunity to be thankful for being healthy and what we can do to keep healthy, and how nice it would be for someone who is unwell on Christmas Day to
receive a special toy...”


“We sat together and visited the websites of all the charities and discussed the ways in which the charities helped people/animals in need. This initiated discussions regarding mental health, homelessness and the causes for this (which became quite a complex discussion) and ways in which animals may become harmed.”


It was brilliant to see the whole school community – children, staff and parents – supporting this initiative and it proved to be a good opportunity for us all to consider the festive time of year as a time of giving, and proved to be good talking point amongst classes and families.

Each day, we enjoyed sharing photos of the items that had been donated to that day’s nominated charity via social media #NineDaysofGiving.

9 days

The items that were so generously donated were:

  • Day 1 (UNICEF) – 322 pairs of shoes
  • Day 2 (Socks & Chocs) – 23 boxes of chocolate and 218 pairs of socks
  • Day 3 (Hereford’s Children’s Community Nursing Team) – 158 toys, books and other gifts
  • Day 4 (Dogs Trust) – 148 dog treats and other items
  • Day 5 (Hereford Food Bank) – 153 items of food
  • Day 6 (Mary’s Meals) – 22 full backpacks
  • Day 7 (The Samaritans) – 48 packets of biscuits
  • Day 8 (People in Motion) – 22 bags of clothes, sleeping bags and other items
  •  Day 9 (Herefordshire Wildlife Trust) – 221 books, CDs and DVDs
let 2
let 3
let 1
letter 5

With many thanks to all those who took part in our 9 Days of Giving!

Chris Wright, Head of the Junior School, January 2018

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