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I am delighted to be introducing our new Nursery Leader, Miss Sarah Mann, who joined us from Beech House Nursery in September. In what follows, she explains why she so enjoys working with Nursery aged children and paints a picture of what the staff and children get up to in our Nursery.

Chris Wright, Head of the Junior School, September 2018


My name is Sarah Mann and I am Nursery Leader at HCJS Nursery. I have a real passion for this age group, every day is different and full of wonderful surprises. My experience in Early Years has taught me that children learn and thrive in their own unique way. The development of a child’s personality and character is fascinating and uplifting to see and I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the creation of an environment in which this flourishes.



All the Early Years professionals within Nursery have a wealth of experience and qualifications to support each child and ensure they reach their full potential during their time with us preparing them for their exciting next adventure here at HCJS. 




What the children do?

Here at HCJS Nursery we offer a high standard of care and quality of learning from a child’s early age, providing an engaging, creative and exciting environment. HCJS Nursery thrives on providing a warm, loving atmosphere for children and families. We offer rich learning opportunities through both play and our focused teaching, aiming to enhance a child’s personal and educational needs. Through providing a broad and imaginative curriculum, we develop each child in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 


We take pride in providing carefully planned and structured activities built around each child’s individual interests. Our wide range of weekly activities include; Yoga, French, Music and PE. We also take full advantage of our location, visiting the Cathedral, going for walks on Castle Green and visiting the library. The children very naturally become a part of our community and our School. These activities build on each child’s personal skills, abilities and attributes. We implement a topic-based approach to learning, flexible to changes based on the children’s interests. 


Through careful observation and assessment, we then establish next steps which are specific to each child. We believe HCJS Nursery is an exciting and inviting setting both indoor and outdoor; creating a happy, safe and secure environment for the children and their families. A child’s happiness is of paramount importance to us and above all we hope the children in our care leave us feeling happy and excited for their next adventure at HCJS. 

Thank you for reading, and do please feel free to comment below.  

Sarah Mann, Nursery Leader, September 2018

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