Preparing your child for Reception

We are very much looking forward to the new school year and to welcoming our new Reception children. In what follows, our Reception team have compiled their top tips for new Reception parents.

Chris Wright

Head of the Junior School


Preparing your child for Reception

If your child is starting in Reception class in September there are ways that you can prepare them and yourself for this time of change.

Throughout the summer holidays there are small steps you can take to make sure the transition happens in a smooth and relaxed manner.

Here are our top tips for being Reception ready!


Encourage your child to practise putting on their new school uniform- and taking it off again!

This will help them to establish an order to getting dressed and become quicker at doing up buttons, zips and velcro. Successful tie tying may be a step too far at this stage but please encourage your boys to have a go.

Don’t forget to try on the PE kit too- the blue PE top can be quite stiff at first so some practice over the holidays may help to soften it. Being able to zip up their own coat is also a bonus- and will help your child to get out to play quicker if they don’t have to wait for the teacher to help them! 


Talk in advance about your routine for the school morning. This will help to give you and your child a picture of how getting ready will look and will show that you have clear expectations of them. Establish where you will park if driving in and maybe even do a dry run to get a better idea of timings. 


Make sure ALL clothing is named and show your child the best way to hang up their coats and blazers. Showing them the little hook to put over their peg will stop their frustration at clothing falling to the floor.

Work out what your child would like for morning and afternoon snack, talking through healthy options with them. Remember we do adopt a No Nuts policy due to allergies within the school.


Having pencil cases in school is not encouraged at this age. However, practising correct pencil grip is a good idea and need not be a chore!

Drawing on paving slabs with brushes and water, writing outside with chalk, using tweezers to pick up dry rice and painting with cotton buds are just some of the fun ways you can encourage your child to establish a tripod grip- using thumb and first finger to grip either side and middle finger as a balancing aid. 

hand 2

Discuss how you will take your child into school in the morning and be clear about when and how you will say goodbye. This is usually the most difficult part - for parents! A positive and confident hand over is key to leaving a child happy and engaged from the very start.

Please do feel you can phone the school office during the day if you are concerned about your child and how they have settled in a morning – of course, the chances are that if they have been upset at your leaving, by the time you have reached the school gate they are laughing with their teachers and friends!


Remember- no questions are silly questions and we would always encourage you to ask us if you are unsure of anything.

Please contact us if you have questions as you prepare for the start of term. We are teachers - and parents - and know all too well the anxieties that go hand in hand with wanting to do our best by our children. We are here to support you and your child in this time of new beginnings and look forward to the partnership we share in what will be one of the most exciting years of development in your child’s life. 


See you in September! 

The Reception Team

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