General Routine

General Routine

the following items are listed in alphabetical order

ASSEMBLIES. Assemblies are held on a daily basis. On Mondays, the whole school is together. The Pre-Prep and the Juniors meet separately on other mornings. Children are actively involved in assemblies with presentations by forms in Y4-6 taking place regularly on Wednesdays. These are listed in the calendar and parents of children involved are welcome to attend. (Please note that the schedule is subject to frequent change and you are advised to check with your child before you come in.)

BALLET. This is run by the Hereford Ballet School who have a partnership with the school. The Principal is Mrs Helen Brown (Contact 07415298398). All children in the Nursery and Reception experience dance as part of the curriculum.

BIRTHDAYS. Many children bring in a cake on their birthday. In the Pre-Prep, these should be handed to your child’s class teacher. In the Juniors, cakes should be taken to the Housekeeper’s kitchen from where they will be distributed at break time.

BREAKFAST CLUB. There is an early morning drop off facility, for which a small charge is made, run by members of staff. This runs from 8.00-8.30 in the Dining Hall and places can be booked via the school office.

BUSES. The School runs a number of buses from various parts of the county each morning. For further information, contact the Transport Manager Tel: 01432 363545 / 07725 224652.

CALENDAR. The calendar provides a vital link between school and home and we endeavour to make it as full and as accurate as possible. In many cases, the calendar provides the main notice of the dates for matches, plays, concerts etc. There is usually a reminder in the Junior Times and on the school website and any alterations will be posted there. Any cancellations will also be posted on the website and details sent via Clarion,

Children are expected to be available for all applicable events which appear on the calendar, including very occasional Saturday fixtures. If this is not the case for any reason, please write to the Headmaster to give as much warning as possible.

CAROL SERVICE. This takes place on the last day of the Winter Term in the Cathedral. All of the children in Reception through to Year 6 attend. All parents are warmly invited to attend. The children are returned to school ready for collection at 3pm.

CATHEDRAL. We are proud to be part of the ancient Cathedral Foundation and The Dean of Hereford actively encourages the children to regard the Cathedral as their home. The Cathedral Choristers are educated at the school. Regular school services are held in the Cathedral, usually on a Wednesday morning and often led by the children in Year 6. All parents and friends are welcome to join us for these services and for coffee afterwards in the 6th Form Centre on Church Street.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS. Changes of address or to daytime contact details should be given in writing to the Headmaster's secretary at the earliest opportunity. Please ensure that details are kept up to date so that we are able to make contact with a family member or guardian at all times. This information is kept in the school office.

CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES. There is an extensive programme of activities and clubs taking place at lunchtime and after school. The activities vary from term to term and a list is sent home at the end of each term. There is selection for some activities but in many cases the children have to make choices. Changes in club routines are posted in the Junior Times and on the HCJS Notice Board in the Y3 Lobby Area in no.28 and on the notice board on the school website. There is no charge for clubs unless we need to buy in a specialist coach (e.g. gym club) or purchase extra materials (e.g. photography club).


We operate the Clarion Call system to contact parents. This is used to contact parents with changes to normal arrangements and is used in addition to the school website and the Junior Times. Please ensure that the office has an up-to-date record of your mobile phone number to ensure that messages reach you.

CONTACT. The first point of contact with the school is through the School Office at 28 Castle Street (Tel 01432 363511). The office is open between 8.15am and 4.15pm during which time the School Secretary will be happy to deal with enquiries.

Any enquiry concerning day to day matters should be referred to the Form Teacher or Subject Teacher in the first instance. The Headmaster, Deputy Head or Head of Pre-Prep can be contacted via the School Office. It is very helpful if an indication of the nature of an enquiry can be given.

Letters from the Head are usually sent to all parents at the end of each term. The Junior Times serves as a means of conveying information at shorter notice and a copy is sent home to each family every Friday. Letters from the Headmaster will always be on yellow paper and any letter requiring a reply will be on blue paper.

The Chair of Governors, Mr R Haydn Jones, may be contacted c/o the school office.

CONTACTING TEACHING STAFF. Staff will be happy to talk to you at any time but please follow these guidelines.

Pre-Prep and Junior Staff are available in their form rooms from 8.30 onwards for quick enquiries or for making appointments. Please be aware that this is a busy time for staff and children. Staff will not be able to enter into lengthy conversations at this time as children need this time to settle down for the start of the day. Parents of children in Y3-6 are asked not to come into the school unless really necessary at this time.

If you require more time with a member of staff, they will be very happy to make an appointment to see you or the school secretary can make an appointment for you.

FEES. A termly fee account is sent during the holidays. It is understood that the payment of the fee account is made on, or before, the first day of term or by standing order. Mrs Jones, who is based in the Bursary in the Old Deanery (01432 363544), deals with all financial matters. Parents are reminded that the school requires a full term’s notice.

GETTING TO SCHOOL. Many parents park by the Cathedral or near the Leisure Pool and walk children across the Close or Castle Green to school. Parking in Castle Street is very limited. You may find it easier to park away from the school. Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to leave school on their own to walk home or to meet their parents. See WALKING HOME POLICY below. The school has a Green Transport Plan and children are welcome to cycle to school. Bicycles are left at owner’s risk in the school bicycle racks.

HAIR. Hair should be cut to a reasonable length and in an acceptable style. Long hair should be tied back during the day and accessories should be navy blue. Hair sprays, gels and similar products are not to be worn when in school uniform.

HOLIDAYS AND VISITS. Planned absence for holidays during term time is only granted when circumstances are exceptional and written permission is obtained in advance from the Headmaster. Requests for absence should be made on the standard form, available as a download from the school website or from the school office.

HOUSE SYSTEM. The School has four houses:

Britten (red) Matthews (blue) Oakeley (green) Woodall (yellow)

They take their names from old boys who gave their lives for their country during the First World War.

House points are awarded for good work, kind and thoughtful behaviour, good manners and similar acts worthy of praise. They are also awarded for sporting and musical achievement. At the end of the year a shield is presented to the House winning most points.

IAPS. The school is a member of IAPS, the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (the junior schoolequivalent of HMC (Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference of Public Schools). Heads who are members of IAPS represent the top 500 Prep Schools in the country. The Association monitors membership through regular inspection and provides training and support for Heads and members of Staff of their schools.

JEWELLERY is not allowed and pierced ears discouraged (where essential a simple stud may be worn).

LOST PROPERTY. Please ensure all belongings are clearly named and checked regularly. The School endeavours to return named lost property as soon as possible. The Pre-Prep has a lost property box in the corridor of the Moat. In the Juniors, Lost Property is overseen by our Housekeeper and named items are returned to children, usually via their pegs. Unnamed items are kept in the Lost Property Box in the library by the kitchen.

Unclaimed items will be displayed at various times throughout the year. At the end of the school year, unclaimed and unnamed property will be disposed of.

Although every effort is made to ensure the security of personal property, the School cannot accept responsibility for items which are lost and recommends that personal insurance is procured for expensive items brought to school.

LUNCHES. Nutritional school meals are cooked on site and are charged as an extra on the school bill. Children have a choice of meal. Children will automatically be included as having school lunches unless the school is notified otherwise and charges will appear on the termly bill in advance. Parents may send their child with a packed lunch if preferred but a term’s notice is needed if children no longer require school lunches.

MILK. Milk is provided free of charge for children in Reception. Other children may have milk, which is billed in arrears. A term’s notice should be given if milk is no longer required.

MOBILE PHONES ETC. The only reason for a child needing a mobile phone is if they travel unaccompanied to school. The phone must be left with the School Secretary during the day. Toys, I-pods, computer games etc. should not be brought into school without express permission.

NOTICE BOARDS. There are two main notice boards, one on the wall by the lobby entrance to no.28 and one on the inside wall between the Moat entrances. Team notices and details of clubs, music lessons and Speech and Drama are posted in the Y3 lobby area in no.28.

OPEN MORNING This is a time when children can show their parents some of what they do at school. All children attending must wear school uniform. We welcome friends and visitors to our Open Morning, particularly those who are interested in learning more about the school.

PHOENIX CLUB. The Phoenix Club, run by members of staff, offers parents a late stay facility, based in the Cottage (next to the Moat). Children are escorted there at the end of the school day and collection is from the gate on Castle Hill. Phoenix operates from 3.30-5.30 and you can book in via the school office. During Phoenix hours of operation, there is also an external line in Phoenix, tel. 01432 363549 and the Phoenix Club manager can be contacted on 07763 611771.

PREFECTS. All members of Year 6 act as Prefects to assist with the smooth running of the daily routine. Duties may include assisting in the dining hall, seating the school at assembly or assisting younger children at break times. Prefects are an excellent link between the children and the staff and carry out their duties with maturity throughout the year. They are awarded a badge in their house colour and are regularly consulted on matters arising around the school. Heads of school and House Captains and Vice-captains are proposed by members of staff and selected by the Head.


There are very few commitments on Saturdays as we recognize the distance which many children have to travel to come into school and also the many other activities in which children are involved at the weekend. There are only 2 events in the year which children are expected to attend. Our Swimming Gala, which involves children from Y2-4, takes place on a Saturday afternoon during the Autumn term and our Open Morning is held on a Saturday morning towards the end of June. In addition, there are a number of sports tournaments which take place at the weekend, along with optional sports tours and also a few cricket matches in the summer.

SCHOOL COUNCIL. The school council is formed at the beginning of the year with a representative from each form from Y2-6. Representatives rotate within each form at the start of each term. Meetings take place twice a term after school, led by the Deputy Head, to discuss pupil related school issues. Formal minutes are kept and a report is sent back to each form.

SECURITY. This is of paramount importance. All visitors should report to the Office in No.28. All visitors are given labels to wear on site. Keypads are in use and the entrance is monitored by a security camera.

SMOKING. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school premises.

SNACKS AND DRINKS. The children may bring in a snack to eat at morning break. In line with the healthy eating school strategy in ‘Every Child Matters’, parents are asked to send their children to school with healthy snacks and lunches. Children should not bring sweets or crisps into school. Chewing/bubble gum is totally forbidden in school.

Water is available in school but children are also encouraged to bring in their own water bottles which may be used during the day. Fizzy drinks are not allowed in school. Parents should be aware of the damage to teeth caused by the regular intake of sugary drinks, such as squash or fruit juice. Only water may be consumed during lessons.

SPEECH DAY. This is the school's main day for celebration of the year's successes, held on the last day of the Summer term in the Cathedral. Parents and friends are most welcome to attend. Afterwards everyone is invited back to school for refreshments in the garden of no.29.

SPORTS DAY. There are two sports days, held towards the end of the Summer term, and parents are warmly invited to attend. The Pre-Prep have their own event on King George V playing fields, followed by refreshments in school. The Junior event is held at Wyeside (parking is at the far end by the Railway Museum) when refreshments are on sale courtesy of the PTA. There are events for all children, regardless of ability.

UNIFORM. Children wear uniform for all school functions and a uniform list is available on the school website. Hats and caps are to be worn to and from school. All uniform must be clearly named. Full lists are available on the school website. The school uniform shop is based at Club Sport in Bewell Street, Hereford. The shop is open during normal shopping hours and there is an online ordering facility. The PTA also organises a second hand clothes sale each year.

WALKING HOME POLICY. Children in Y5 and 6 may, with permission, leave school unaccompanied at the end of the school day. A form is available from the school office if you wish to apply for permission. Once permission is granted, a child’s name will be added to the daily list so that duty staff are able to sign children out. Children must always sign out with a member of staff.


BISHOP’S MEADOW This is near the Leisure pool and is sometimes used for games.

BLAZON The badge of Hereford Cathedral Junior School is the shield (or blazon) of the Dean of Hereford, emphasizing the links between the Cathedral and the School.

BUTTERY This historic timber-framed building, seen from

Quay Street, is our Art and DT Centre.


CASTLE GREEN A park situated behind the school.

FROG GARDEN A play area for Pre-Prep children that happens to have a frog-shaped waste bin.

HEADMASTERS’ HIKE The Headmasters of HCJS & HCS hold an annual walk for families of the school.

JUNIOR TIMES Our weekly newsletter which comes out every Friday (one per family).

LITTLE PRINCESS TRUST This is a charity based at school (no.1113172), founded in 2006 in memory of Hannah Tarplee. It provides hair pieces for children who lose their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

MOAT This building, opened in 2003, houses the Pre-Prep classrooms. It is accessed via

Quay Street and is situated to the rear of the Junior School .


MUSIC SCHOOL This is based in

31 Castle Street, next door to the Junior School. Children can access the Music School from the Frog Garden. Individual music lessons take place in the Music School.


PHOENIX CLUB Our after school facility, located below in The Cottage, next to The Moat, on Castle Hill.

QUIET GARDEN This is the area behind the Headmaster’s study and is the garden of No.29 Castle Street.

ROBINSON CRUSOE ROOM This is the glazed entrance hall from the Quiet Garden, next to the Library – so called because of its wall decorations.

ST DAVID’S HALL is located in Castle Street directly opposite the main entrance to school.

WYESIDE is the School sports ground located off Broomy Hill. If games are in doubt owing to poor weather please check on the school website.