Homestay Families

Every overseas student is required to reside with a trustworthy Homestay Family who will act as a Guardian in the interests of the student’s welfare, and on behalf of their parents. It is the student’s parent(s), rather than the school, who appoint the Homestay Family. Where the Homestay family are not relatives of the student concerned the School will expect parents selecting a Homestay family to do so through an AEGIS accredited Guardian agency.

The School requires the following from Homestay Families selected by parents:

• Acceptance by the Guardian/Homestay Family that they are responsible for the welfare of the pupil while he or she is staying with them.
• A willingness to be fully supportive of the student’s active participation in the life of the school, including extra-curricular activities which take place outside of normal school hours.
• That the Guardian/Homestay family will accept responsibility to be in contact with the school and be accessible by telephone.
• Full contact details of the appointed Guardian/Homestay Family and the Guardian Agency used.
• That the Guardian/Host Family must be a householder (i.e. not a student), and should be able to speak English.
• That the Guardian/Homestay family ensure students conform to all attendance requirements, including those at weekends, evening events (eg. Parents’ Evenings) and school trip departures and arrivals which may take place outside normal school hours.
• The Guardian/Homestay Family will ensure that adequate travel arrangements are in place to ensure students arrive to school punctually and return ‘home’ safely.
• The Guardian/Host Family provides arranges accommodation for the pupil during school holidays, half term and if the School has to close temporarily in the unlikely event of an emergency, e.g. fire, or unusual weather conditions. The same applies if the pupil is unwell, on study leave, or suspended/expelled from school
• The Guardian/Homestay Family or representatives of a Guardian Agency will attend parents' evenings.
• Whenever possible the Host Family or Guardian Agency should escort the student to and from the airport/station at the beginning and end of each term.
• That Public Liability Insurance cover for the student will arranged. This is usually done by asking the insurance company to include the student as an extra member of the family.

The School provides an International Student Guide, which provides further information on studying at Hereford Cathedral School, to all students who register.