International student testimonials

Kevin Chang
Kevin joined Hereford Cathedral School from Henan Province, China and studied Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A Level. Whilst at Hereford Cathedral School he played rugby for the 1st and 2nd XV, appeared in a School Fashion Show, was appointed School Prefect and won the coveted Withers Elective Prize for the student in the school who contributed the most to the life of the school. Kevin was immensely popular and secured level 7.5 in his IELTs and 2 A* and 2 A grades in his A Levels. He is now studying Chemical Engineering at Homerton College, Cambridge University.
Shelly Wang

Shelly joined Hereford Cathedral School from Shaanxi, China and studied Art, Biology and Maths at A Level. Whilst at Hereford Cathedral School she rowed, and was a member of the School’s Combined Cadet Force. Shelly was initially quite shy, but she grew in confidence and secured level 7.0 her IELTs grades, A and 2 Bs in her A Levels. She is now studying Art and Psychology at Reading University.

Paul Smith, Headmaster, in conversation with Shelly
Colin Wilkes, Head of Art and Design, talks to Shelly about her artwork


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