School pupil

What goes on in the classroom is, of course, important but our school offers so much more than that. We provide a whole range of opportunities, in sport, in music, in drama, in life, and we invite every boy and girl to take those opportunities.

School is about trying things, finding out and learning, both in and out of the classroom, and we will help your child to develop the skills for a lifetime of activity and success.


From 'Pond Club' to performing in front of hundreds in the Cathedral, there are invitations for every child to take part in so many areas of school life and begin to explore some of the possibilities in the world around them.

Below is a list of clubs / activities which take place either after school or at lunchtimes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Choir ICT Gym Eco Council Latin
Badminton Rounders Creative Writing Chorister Theory Rounders
Chess Ball Games Handwriting Club Rounders Cricket
Cricket Art Club Maypole Dancing Technology Netball
Spanish Cricket Comic Making Board Games Hockey
Maths Games Pottery Lego Club ICT Craft
Pond Club Debating Bord Games Construction Girls' Football
First Aid Football Science Craft Fitness
Rugby Puzzles Paper Craft Boys' Rugby Skills  
  Photography Nature Club Heartstart
  Netball Magazine Editor Cross-Country  
      Costume & Fashion
      Cake Club