Excellent GCSE results for Hereford Cathedral School pupils

GCSE results

After a challenging 18 months, Year 11 pupils at Hereford Cathedral School have enjoyed collecting their outstanding results in the company of their friends, parents and teachers this morning. Headmaster, Paul Smith, is delighted to see that once again, students have excelled themselves in these unprecedented times, with the Sciences, Latin, Music, PE and Drama being of particular note. 

GCSE results

The Music Department has achieved great things again this year with just under three quarters of students achieving the top grades 9-7 (A*/A).

For Isabel D (pictured above, front left), a member of many of the school's choirs, orchestras and instrumental ensembles, music was just one of her fantastic results as she bagged all grade 9s and one 8. She credits her love of music as a real saviour to her during lockdown: "Being at home practising every day and enjoying it is one of the things that got me through lockdown." 

Isabel enjoyed the opportunity to perform again in the school's open air summer concerts saying, "It was really great, quite unusual at first, but it was great to see the audiences again and entertaining them."

Dimity S (second from right) who achieved all grade 9s, one 8 and one 7 in her GCSEs today, is similarly committed to her musical pursuits. Alongside her school studies at HCS, Dimity is also part of the Royal College of Music in London, but with a lot of hard work has been able to find a balance that paid off: "I enjoy what I do so it doesn't seem like a chore!" Dimity had previously achieved a grade 9 in GCSE French when she was in just Year 8.

Keira T

Keira T (above), one of the school’s top performers, achieved an amazing eight 9s and four 8s and is looking forward to studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths in the sixth form. She said “It’s been months of revision and hard work that went into it and I’m so happy that it’s paid off in the end.

“[At HCS] you know the teachers are there, not just for the teaching side of things, but for you as a person.”

Three other outstanding GCSE students who achieved all 8s and 9s, Thomas P, Ed M and Ioan O (pictured below), gave credit to the school’s remote learning programme. Ioan said “the support has been astonishing” while Thomas agreed “The support from my teachers has been great, I couldn’t expect more.”


Ed found opening his envelope this morning nerve wracking but said: “All the teachers have been working their absolute hardest to make sure that everyone gets everything they need and the online learning support was amazing.” He is looking forward to studying Biology, Chemistry, French and Economics in the Sixth Form. 

Academic Deputy, Alex Hartley, has been impressed with pupils and staff alike: “I’d like to congratulate all our pupils for their success in their GCSEs qualifications. There is no doubt that these results are well earned after what has been the most demanding of years. 

“I would also like to thank our outstanding team of teachers for their efforts, and in particular for the quality of our online programme which has been so beneficial in maintaining each and every student’s progress.”
Paul Smith, Headmaster, congratulated the students on their endeavours through what has been a challenging period: "The last 18 months have been a particularly challenging time for pupils and staff. Today's results are a testament to the determination and resilience of pupils, and the hard work and professionalism of staff in adapting to the various demands of remote teaching. 

“I congratulate all pupils and staff for the GCSE, A-Level, EPQ and BTEC results this week and commend them all for their endeavours during these exceptional times."