Monmouth via Harewood End Minibus Service

The School runs a minibus service from Monmouth via Harewood End.
The pick-up points and departure times are as follows:
7.20am Monmouth
7.30am Wilton Bridge
7.30am Bridstow
7.40am The Red Lion, Peterstow
7.43am Harewood End
7.50am Much Birch
7.50am Kings Thorn Convent
7.55am Kings Thorn bus stop
8.30am Hereford Cathedral School

The return service leaves Broad Street at 4pm. The drop-off points and times are as follows:

4.15pm Wormelow
4.25pm St Weonards
4.30pm Manson Cross
4.40pm Whitchurch
4.50pm Wilton Bridge
4.55pm Bridstow

If you are interested in this service, or would like further information, please contact the Transport Co-ordinator on 01432 363545 or email