Clubs & Societies

Lunchtime and after school, days and times will be published internally at the start of term.

Abel Set Mr Mike Taylor, Mr Jon Priday
Amnesty International Mrs Jo Beavan
Astronomy Club Dr Chris Jones
Badminton Club Mr Alistair Smith
Book Club Ms Jacqueline Curry, with the Librarians
Chemistry Club Mrs Jayne Burdett
Chess Club Mr Richard Croot
D&T Custom Moto ReDesign Mr Alex Howell
Debating Society (all years) Mr Mike Jackson
D&T Club Mr Alex Howell
Dissection Club  
Drama Club (Junior) Miss Maria Lancaster
Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Mr Craig Howells, Mr Mark Collingwood
Eco-Schools Commitee Mrs Rhian Floyd
First Aid Club Mrs Sarah Hobby
Fitness Club  
Gardening Club Mrs Olivia Boon
Geography Lectures VI Form Mr James Terry
German Club Miss Lucy Hargrove
Ghachok Link Mr A Burdett
Historical Association  
Historical Society Mr Philip Wright
Hockey Club (Junior Boys) Mr Ian Johnson
JCM Mrs J Pattison
Millionaires' Club Mr Mike Jackson
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Quiz Club Mrs Helen Wall
Rowing Club Miss G Rakauskaite
Young Engineers' Club Dr Simon Rhodes
Young Enterprise Mr Ralph Carr

Clive Richards Computer Rooms: Open for work-related use Monday to Friday, most lunchtimes.