Business Studies

Why study Business Studies at A-Level?

This is a subject for anyone with a passion for the real world.

At AS we study business start-ups. We move on to consider how businesses are managed in order to be successful. At A2 we look at the management of larger business organisations and consider ways in which they can maintain or enhance their position within a national and global environment. In the final module we consider the business environment in general and what factors force businesses to adapt and change to meet the needs of each new generation of consumers. Students will be encouraged to look at a range of businesses and, by the application of business ideas and theories will be able to make intelligent, thoughtful and informed suggestions and recommendations to them.

Topics of study at A-Level

Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, HR Management & the Business Environment.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

We participate each year in the Worcester Bosch Business and Engineering Challenge which is held at Worcester Warriors Rugby Ground.

What the subject might lead to

Degree courses in Business, Management, Marketing or Operations. Apprenticeships with financial services companies.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

Maths at grade 6 or above is desirable but not essential.