Why study Geography at A-Level?

Geography involves the study of important global issues that matter now. It is compatible with all other A Levels and can help to provide a bridge between arts and science subjects. It has a broad skills base and an independent research component which helps to prepare students for university.

Topics of study at A-Level

AS: Climate Change, Hydrology, Tectonics, Settlement, Population

A2: Glaciation, Development, Sustainable Cities, Energy, Food and Water Supplies

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Conferences, and fieldwork in Cardiff, Snowdonia & summer glacial walk. Eco-schools Committee.

What this subject might lead to

Community Development, Environmental Management, Petro-chemical industry, Urban Planning, Demographic study, Meteorological / climate science, National Park / Estate management, Water supply distribution, Flood management engineer, Real estate appraisal, I.T. cartography/remote sensing/Geographical Information Systems, Agriculture, Tourism, International politics,.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

Grade 6 at GCSE is desirable, although not essential.