Physical Education

Why study Physical Education at A-Level?

A Level PE will appeal to those who have reached a good level in a range of sports and who wish to acquire a detailed appreciation of the background to such activities.

Topics of study at A-Level

AS: practical + anatomy & physiology, acquiring movement skills and socio-cultural studies

A2: practical + exercise & sport physiology, sports psychology & sports history

Opportunities beyond the classroom

There is a full fixture calendar and practice nights for a number of sports. Many pupils play at county and regional level. Pre-season trips and tours are run for our main sports. Trips to the laboratories at the University of Gloucester as well as revision conferences and lectures.

What this subject might lead to

Careers in sport, leisure management, physiotherapy, the Forces, sports journalism/media, biomechanics, sports rehabilitation, sports technology development or teaching physical education. The multi-disciplinary nature of the course is compatible with a wide range of career choices and is a well-recognised and respected course.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

Students should ideally have gained a grade 6 in the sciences and have ideally but not essentially studied GCSE PE and obtained a grade 6 or higher. They should be participating in sport on a weekly basis at a good level.