Development Office

The Development Office is run by Development Director, Mrs Claire Morgan-Jones and Development Officer and Old Herefordian administrator, Mrs Helen Pearson.

The Development Office was established in June 2010 and aims to work with our whole community of Friends (pupils, parents and staff, past and present and our local community). We aim to keep our Friends informed about the achievements and future plans of the school and to provide a varied programme of events where Friends can re-connect with each other and with the school.

We will also keep our Friends abreast of the latest needs of the school and ask for their help with bursaries and capital projects as appropriate.

Our office is located on the top floor of Old Deanery and we are always very pleased to welcome visitors, conduct tours of the school, help you arrange reunions or put old friends back in touch. We are available throughout the school year and during the school holidays and look forward to meeting you.

If you would like to contact our Development Office, please call 01432 363590, 01432 363566 or > Email