Children’s happiness is key to their success. At Hereford Cathedral Junior School, small class sizes and nurturing form tutors provide children with the best start in life.

At the Junior School, we:

  • Nurture a warm, happy and inclusive family atmosphere
  • Create a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Work closely with our families
  • Ensure all children have the support and opportunities they need to grow.

"Parents told us that their children are ‘known as individuals’ and any concerns or problems are dealt with swiftly and sensitively.”


From the earliest age, children are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings and views in a safe space. This is through a highly structured PSHE curriculum as well as informal discussions, which might be circle time for the youngest and more structured debates for older children.

Every class has an elected member of the School Council and this really helps get new initiatives off the ground, create charity fundraising events and provide feedback on the school menu.

Every child that joins the school has a buddy and when they reach Year 6, each is given the opportunity to be a prefect or to take on a position of responsibility such as House Captain or Head Boy/Girl. Children love taking the lead and working with others.

Most importantly, the school takes a positive approach to rewards and sanctions, where children can talk through their challenges, seek to find restorative actions and find solutions to life’s difficulties.

Every week, Celebration Certificates are awarded to children who present not only the School’s values of Kindness, Courage and Integrity, but also to those who have shown any ‘soft’ skill such as perseverance, thoughtfulness, determination and positivity.

Through these opportunities, our pupils:

  • Become well-rounded individuals with a keen awareness of the world around them
  • Feel proud of who they are and what they achieve
  • Have excellent social skills and learn to respect others
  • Feel supported and develop strong resilience
  • Make a positive impact on those around them

"Our son couldn't have enjoyed a better start [at school]. The care and love you have shown him, warmly embracing all of his little interests, has meant so much to us and we are so thrilled to be part of the HCJS family and what is to come."


Who will be supporting my child?

  • Form teachers
  • Phase Leaders
  • Designated Safeguarding Leads
  • Wraparound care team
  • School nurse
  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Alongside form teachers, the school has Phase Leaders and Designated Safeguarding Leads who also support and oversee the wellbeing and safety of our pupils. We also have a school counsellor in school every week. All teachers are available for our pupils to speak to and the children know they can raise concerns with any member of staff.