At Hereford Cathedral School, we believe a classroom education is just one element of creating rounded young people who are ready for the real world.

Alongside our focus on academic excellence, the HCS philosophy encourages students to express themselves and find their passion, from performing on the stage to competing on the sports field.

Sporting excellence

From traditional team games like rugby, hockey, and cricket to the great privilege of rowing on the majestic River Wye, our specialist and experienced staff will offer the right support whether your child is achieving national levels of sporting excellence, or simply wants to keep fit and relish the camaraderie and healthy competition of playing alongside friends.

Senior Sport

A spotlight on creativity

For budding artists, musicians, and actors, Hereford Cathedral School provides a platform where students can showcase their talents. Our internationally recognised choirs and exceptional instrumental ensembles, orchestras, and bands offer unparalleled opportunities for musical expression.

Meanwhile, our Drama Department places students in professional settings as well as our own studio theatre, nurturing their performance skills. Renowned for excellence, our Art department and well-resourced DT workshops foster creativity and innovation.

Creative & Performing Arts