At a time when the speed of technological change has never been faster, our Junior School Digital Vision is more important than ever.

Technology is not a topic to be daunted by, but a power to be harnessed.


We believe that early exposure to this rapidly changing world is the best way for children to have a positive, healthy and confident relationship with technology. At HCJS, supported by our upskilled staff and well-equipped facilities, we aim to empower every child with the tools and ability to navigate a diverse array of technologies, enriching their learning experiences and equipping them for a dynamic future.

While traditional learning tools such as pen and paper still play an important role in this holistic education, your child will quickly become well-versed in incorporating digital technologies into their classroom projects. Tablets, laptops and desktop devices will all feature in this dynamic, forward-thinking environment, alongside the use of a range of software in preparation for your child’s transition into Year 7.

Meanwhile, our up-to-the-minute computing curriculum reflects the rapidly changing digital landscape. At HCJS, we give children their first taste of tomorrow’s skillsets and help them to embrace the concept that technology is not a topic to be daunted by, but a power to be harnessed.