Our Futures Department offers a comprehensive programme of support and guidance, tailored to students’ individual aspirations, whether they’re considering university, apprenticeships or degree apprenticeships, or direct career pathways.

With our support, our Year 12 and 13 students explore their options, make informed decisions, and navigate application processes with confidence. Our Futures Department differs from the traditional careers department in that it prepares students for employment and life, rather than just a specific job. It is focused on the individual and not just the role.

Mrs Jackson, our Head of Futures, meets one-to-one with every Year 12 student, getting to know their likes, dislikes, strengths and potential ideas for their post-18 pathways. Whether you have a clear vision for your future or are still exploring possibilities, you will receive tailored support to help you find your path and to support you on that journey. Throughout the time in Sixth Form, Mrs Jackson assists with all aspects of research, signposting a wealth of useful resources and supporting application processes to ensure every student is well-prepared for their next steps.


Specialist guidance

For students aiming for Oxbridge or early application pathways in medicine, dentistry, or veterinary science, our specialised support ensures they receive tailored guidance and resources to maximise their chances of success.

Our Biomedical Society offers opportunities for students to hear from professionals in the field and engage in lively Q&A sessions, while alongside their studies we encourage students to engage in further reading or undertake MOOCs to support their applications. From admissions test preparation to interview coaching and arranging NHS volunteering, we are dedicated to helping our students excel in competitive application processes.


For me the early application process started at the beginning of Year 12. I was encouraged to go to Biomedical Society where we talked about how to apply for Medicine, what to be looking to put in your personal statement, how to get work experience and general advice on how to be a doctor.

I've had a lot of support from the school including Mrs Burdett who's been brilliant. She's been coaching me through my personal statement and interview practice.

Samia W, Early applicant for Medicine


Our UCAS application support is designed to ensure that every student receives the guidance they need to submit the strongest possible applications. You will be assigned a dedicated UCAS Co-ordinator in Year 12 and as you move forward into Year 13, you will have specific sessions each week for UCAS preparation.

From one-to-one meetings with their co-ordinator to mock interviews and support with crafting compelling personal statements, we are committed to helping students present themselves effectively to prospective universities and employers. This support also extends to universities further afield, as our students look to global opportunities in North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.

Navigating pathways

Through the Unifrog platform and our Digital Futures Library, students gain access to a wealth of resources for researching pathways and comparing courses across universities and apprenticeship programs. These powerful tools equip them with the information they need to make well-informed choices, record their achievements and plan about their future education and career paths.


Every student at HCS is able to benefit from the School’s extensive alumni network consisting of over 3,000 former pupils around the world replete with professionals who are experts in their field. This network offers invaluable resources, including access to hundreds of contacts for careers advice, work experience opportunities, and networking events. We are always happy to make connections and arrange useful and purposeful placements, a benefit that continues well beyond school.