From day one, our emphasis is on supporting our children to be happy, independent and curious learners. We welcome children into Reception and take them through to the end of Year 2 in our small pre-prep classes where they receive individualised care and attention.

In these formative years, children learn best through play and by engaging in structured activities which spark their interest. We place a strong emphasis on phonics, spelling and numeracy, whilst also providing opportunities to explore science, technology, humanities, languages, the arts, and sport. This includes a swimming programme for all children in Reception, Years 1 and 2.

Learning Means the World

From Nursery to the end of Year 3, we have introduced the bespoke ‘Dimensions: Learning Means the World’ curriculum, an innovative approach which encourages children to weave connections between different subject areas to enhance their learning potential. Through this curriculum, the children go on a journey of discovery, asking searching questions, uncovering how topics are connected, and deepening their understanding by linking new knowledge to their prior learning experiences.

Mastering phonics

We are a Little Wandle school and use this government-approved phonics scheme to enable our children to develop strong reading and spelling skills from an early age. This programme comes complete with all the help and ‘how-to’ videos to support parents fully in partnership with the school.

The introduction of Little Wandle has made a significant and measurable difference to how quickly children learn to read and spell with confidence.

The children foster a genuine love of reading through enjoying books together with their teacher in small groups. The scheme allows pupils to focus on honing their pronunciation and seamlessly blending sounds for fluent reading. They can quickly see their own progress, feel empowered and develop a lifelong passion for reading.

"We’d like to thank the lovely Reception team that make learning fun and rewarding - so important for academic confidence. Our son really glows when he writes and sounds out his letters, with no prompting from us - he clearly just enjoys it."

Reception Parent

Enhanced Learning

By the time pupils reach Year 4, they are ready to delve more deeply into their subject areas, immersing themselves in experiments in our well-equipped science lab, using digital devices more frequently in a range of contexts with access to a well-resourced library to support their learning.

At the upper end of the school, there’s increased specialist teaching, with regular visits to the Senior School for workshops in a whole range of subjects, ensuring our children are all ready and raring to go for the challenges of Year 7 when it comes.