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During lockdown, Hereford Cathedral School ensured that their Year 11 and Year 13 pupils didn’t lose focus after the cancellation of their exams, introducing a Remote Enrichment Programme designed to help prepare pupils for the future. Building on its success, the School has since embedded a new enrichment programme in the curriculum for Year 12 students.

The course is designed to extend and develop pupils’ skills beyond their academic studies, with modules on Leadership, Critical Thinking, Global Perspectives, Communication and How Best to Learn.

Reflecting on these new developments at the school, Academic Deputy, Mr Alex Hartley, said: ”As well as developing our students’ knowledge and skills, I anticipate that a year from now the enrichment programme will contribute to strong and well-balanced UCAS applications for those wishing to commence an undergraduate degree.”

Course overview:

Global Perspectives

Mr Higgins (Head of International Students) will discuss a range of international trends that will help our pupils to better understand the world and their place within it. Examples include Globalisation (and why things are better than we think), the Rise of China, and the Internationalisation of Sport.


Mr Jerram (Assistant Head) will share his knowledge of leadership, much of which is based around his previous experience with the RFU – although equally valuable in every organisation. The study of leadership is complemented through practical experience, and as such we encourage and support all our students to seek out leadership opportunities.


Mr Blyth (Deputy Head) will discuss another vital skill, which is the ability to persuade and to make oneself understood through verbal communication. This course will include the consideration of the techniques that high-profile public figures use to connect with their audiences.

How Best to Learn

In such a fast-changing world, those who continually invest in developing themselves will be best placed to thrive in their careers. Through following a highly regarded online course, students will learn about the habits, techniques and neuroscience that will improve their academic learning, whilst also experiencing how easy it is to access personal development courses online. This course will be led by Mr Hartley (Academic Deputy).

Critical Thinking

The ability to draw out the key messages and to establish the reliability of what you have seen, heard or read is another important life skill. Miss Westbrooke (Cambridge graduate and Graduate Assistant at the School) will lead our pupils through discussions and exercises that will enhance their ability to develop their capacity for critical analysis.