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The annual Year 8 Speech Competition took place on Tuesday in the Library. After weeks of studying the art of rhetoric and persuasive speaking, and some hard-fought class rounds, the eventual class winners took to the floor in front of guest judge and former HCS English teacher, Mrs Marnie Wooderson. 

Speeches ranged from the joys of being a single child, the misery of uniform, the need for better mental health provision for young people, and the merits of basketball. Mrs Wooderson praised the very high standard of this year’s speakers who kept the year group entertained at all times, and narrowed the field down to two stand-out speakers, Glasha C and George M. 

The eventual winner of The Speaker’s Cup for this year was George M, with his masterful takedown of singer Taylor Swift. With hugely assured analysis of her repetitive song structure and limited chord sequences, and some very effective comic devices, he was able to convince his assembled audience that he had good grounds for questioning her success.

Congratulations, George!