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Hereford Cathedral School’s Combined Cadet Force put on an impressive display of teamwork and leadership during last week’s Biennial Inspection.

Inspecting Officer Colonel Andy Taylor OBE, DL, visited the School, accompanied by his wife, Penny, to carry out the inspection. Colonel Taylor enjoyed a successful career as an Army Logistician, serving in the UK, Germany and Canada, undertaking seven operational tours.

He firstly visited the Suvla Barracks on Harold Street to inspect the cadets’ ceremonial drill, including the routine which won the Drill and Turnout round in the finals of the Royal Air Squadron Trophy, making them the best in the UK. In addition, Colonel Taylor surveyed the cadets’ reaction to contact and casualty evacuation, and their impressive shooting capabilities in the air rifle range.

Later, Colonel Taylor toured the School campus, where he watched as cadets demonstrated leadership development through various command tasks, cadet instructional training, lessons on seamanship, learning knots, First Aid including CPR, fieldcraft lessons including search, cooking in the field and building shelters.


CCF Inspection



The afternoon culminated in a parade, involving 157 Army, Navy and RAF cadets. Whilst on parade, the cadets chatted enthusiastically to Colonel Taylor, Headmaster Dr Gray and Major (Retd) Verity Coleman (OH), about the experiences and opportunities that being a member of the Contingent offers them.

Contingent Commander Major Pippa Fowler commented: “The Biennial Review was a great opportunity to show off the variety of activities we do in CCF. Teamwork and leadership were on display throughout all three sections of Navy, Army and RAF, with different age groups working together. Almost all activities on display were organised and delivered by our senior cadets, providing a unique opportunity for our Sixth Form students. It is a privilege to be part of this fantastic organisation and to support the cadets’ development through both military skills and also life skills such as First Aid. We appreciate that only a small minority of our cadets will pursue military careers but the skills we teach are transferrable and the experience will help cadets develop an understanding and appreciation of the Armed Forces.”

After the event, Colonel Taylor spoke highly of the occasion: “The cadets are always so engaging and meeting them is always so uplifting – many thanks for inviting me.”

Headmaster Dr Gray commented on this proud occasion: “The Biennial CCF Inspection was a wonderful event and testament to our fantastic cadets and the volunteers who lead them. As a School, we are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves real-world ready and there are few – if any – opportunities which afford this as effectively as the CCF. The cadets were effusive when sharing the benefits that they receive from the programme and highlighted the friendships that they have made. We are extremely grateful to Col. Andy Taylor and Maj. (Retd) Verity Coleman for inspecting the cadets and to our Contingent Commander Major Pippa Fowler for leading them with such enthusiasm and commitment.”