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This month has seen a special focus on teaching and learning at the Senior School, where schemes such as ‘Open Door Week’ have allowed teachers to share sustainable and innovative teaching practices in a live setting.

Mrs Gardiner, who has led the project, said: “It has been fantastic to hear so many of my fellow colleagues talking about what they have seen in each other’s lessons. It is this kind of supportive and collaborative culture that is so important to our Teaching and Learning programme.”

Comments included:

Excellent classroom procedures in place that focus and engage all students.


Allows and values each pupil’s opinion, encouraging learning through debate.


Fast and effective feedback filled with praise to build pupils’ confidence and knowledge.


HCS Headmaster Mr Smith has been pleased to see how much teachers have enjoyed sharing feedback with their colleagues: “It is very important that teachers have the opportunity to share good practice. In any one day there will be many examples of outstanding teaching and all teachers can learn much from one another. Of course, sharing ideas and discussing good practice during INSET Days or meetings on Teaching and Learning is one way to achieve a broader understanding of varying approaches to pedagogy, but nothing beats the privilege of being able to witness this first hand by observing a colleague teach. So, I am delighted that members of our teaching staff have been so proactive in mutual lesson observations. It also reminds our pupils that teachers are learners too!”