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Hereford International Schools Ltd, a trading subsidiary of Hereford Cathedral School, is delighted to announce the signing of an exciting educational partnership with We Enjoy Learning Ltd (a UK-based Chinese educational company) and Yiqingtang Educational Group in Jiangsu Province.

After several months of discussions, Headmaster Dr Michael Gray signed the agreement in Nanjing, China, which will enable Hereford Cathedral School to provide a range of educational services to a number of the leading public schools within Jiangsu Province and beyond, and allow Yiqingtang Educational Group to use the name and marks of the School with reference to their international A-Level programmes.

Dr Gray said: “This agreement marks the start of a tremendously exciting international collaboration which will enable Hereford Cathedral School to take a very significant step forward in strengthening our global presence and helping to deliver our strategic ambitions. We Enjoy Learning Ltd and Yiqingtang are two organisations which align with our ethos and values, and who understand and share our commitment to delivering outstanding education which equips young people to thrive in a rapidly-changing world.

“This partnership will open up several unique opportunities and enrich the educational and cultural experiences of our community here in Hereford and those in Jiangsu Province and the wider region. It also reflects our ambitious and innovative approach to education as we strive to be effective global citizens and deliver our mission and purpose.”

Working with Dr Gray in this new project is Mrs Pippa Fowler, the founding Houseparent of Wilmot House, who has considerable experience in international education. Mrs Fowler will be continuing in her role as teacher of mathematics alongside her work as Lead Tutor for this new collaboration. Mrs Fowler commented: “I am delighted to be continuing to build on the School’s developing international work and that we are partnering with schools across Jiangsu Province. Our partners’ approach to education very much reflects that of HCS and it is the start of a new and innovative chapter for our historic organisation. The schools with whom we are working are innovative and forward-thinking in their approach to education. In this new role, I am very much looking forward to leading and harnessing HCS’s educational expertise to support the delivery and development of the international programmes within Jiangsu Province’s leading schools.”

Excitement about the work ahead

Ryan Tang, CEO of Yiqingtang Education Group stated: “Hereford Cathedral School’s reputation for educational excellence is well known and we are very much looking forward to working together over the years ahead. We thoroughly enjoyed Dr Gray and Mrs Fowler’s recent visit to Jiangsu Province who met with the principals and senior teams of several leading public schools and we are excited about the work that we will be doing together over the years ahead.”

Mutual benefit of collaboration

Ardis Wang, CEO of We Enjoy Learning Ltd said: “We have worked with Hereford Cathedral School for a number of years now and we are confident that this collaborative venture will be a very positive development. Our experience and expertise in the international sector, and in particular in British and Chinese education, will help this relationship to be one that optimises mutual benefit.”

Exploring international programmes

During their visit to Jiangsu Province, Dr Gray and Mrs Fowler spent time discussing their international programmes in the following schools (in chronological order of visiting and pictured below): Nanjing No. 29 High School; Nanjing No. 1 High School; Taizhou Higher Vocational School of Mechanical and Engineering Technology; Taizhou High School, Jiangsu; Changwai Bilingual School Bilingual School; International Centre of Jiangsu Jianjiang, Nanjing Hexi Foreign Language School; and Danyang High School of Jiangsu Province.