As a Cathedral school, music is at the heart of daily life. The Music Department is an energetic, lively, challenging (and noisy!) environment. Pupils are taught by music specialists throughout their time in the Pre-Prep and Juniors. Classes are practical in nature, providing enjoyable and stimulating musical experiences through listening, composing, performing and appraising. We aim to build an enthusiasm for music in every child and believe that music-making is a highly important part of their daily education. We work hard on our music and have a lot of fun along the way. Experiencing the joy of music is key to every child's success.


Classroom music sessions are supported by a wide range of musical ensembles, activities and performances. A specialist team of visiting teachers offers woodwind, brass, string, percussion, voice and piano lessons. There are weekly rehearsals for the orchestra, choir and ensembles. These groups perform both at school and in local concerts and regional festivals. Visiting musicians are also invited to the Junior School and pupils in the Pre-Prep take part in annual musical workshops.

Chamber Choir at Barnardos
Instrumental lesson

Senior School Links

The Junior School shares a Music Department with the Seniors, allowing for excellent continuation as pupils move through the school. We benefit from excellent support from the Senior School staff and enjoy opportunities to join together for special concerts and services.

Pre-Prep and Year 3 to Year 6

Music lessons in the Pre-Prep take a very 'hands on' approach. Plenty of singing and musical games allow children to develop a good sense of rhythm and pitch whilst building their confidence and passion for music. In the Juniors, practical music making is key and pupils are actively involved in singing, instrumental work and composition. Children in Years 3 and 4 have a dedicated singing session each week as well as their class music lesson. As they progress through the school, pupils start to use their own instruments in their compositions and performances and continue to build on their listening and appraising skills. They are introduced to a wide range of musical styles and genres, such as Chinese music and African drumming, intended to broaden their musical horizons.