PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) at Hereford Cathedral Junior School, provides pupils with a social and moral framework on which to build a firm basis for the future. It enables children to prepare themselves for the challenges that they will face in life, helping them to become emotionally adept and confident in today’s society.

At Hereford Cathedral Junior School the teaching of PSHE from Reception to Year 6 aims to:

Help the child in the growing up process and prepare them for the move to Senior School.
Encourage children to respect and care for their environment.
Develop an understanding of concepts such as tolerance, respect and human rights.
Develop the children’s awareness and skills relating to personal safety, discussion, debating and decision making.
Encourage the children to develop informed opinions and attitudes for themselves.
Enable every child to feel confident as a valued member of the school community.

At Hereford Cathedral Junior School, many of the aims and objectives of the PSHE curriculum are met in the course of everyday school life. The way in which the school community is organised, the guidance offered to pupils by staff and parents, the charity events and fund raising organised throughout the year and support of staff and pupils of Hereford Cathedral Senior School, all encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own actions, respect the views and property of others and show compassion for those less fortunate than themselves. Assembly times, regular services in the Cathedral and form periods are also used to reinforce these aims.

Many other curriculum subjects (Science, English, Humanities, RS, Drama etc.) also address topics which arise in PSHE and Citizenship. Examples of these are healthy living, environmental concerns, hygiene, personal relationships, governmental and legal issues. The PSHE programme is delivered in a weekly dedicated period in each year group and focuses mainly on the following, although there is sufficient flexibility to allow discussion of important topical issues which may arise unexpectedly:

Being healthy
Staying safe
Social development
Enjoying and achieving
Making a positive contribution

These lessons are supplemented by outside speakers, particularly in assembly time, parental talks, dramatic presentations and school visits. Visitors may include the local Police, the Fire Brigade, a doctor, dentist , nurse or vet and talks by foreign visitors from charities such as Concern universal. In addition, Years 5 and 6 may visit a variety of religious institutions such as a Synagogue, Gurdwara and Greek orthodox Church. Due to our close relationship with Hereford Cathedral, we are also visited by the Dean and other members of the Cathedral community during the year.