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Three Hereford Cathedral School pupils will be helping to make sure we all get some fresh air and exercise this winter with their Hereford Treasure Fun trail, while raising funds for a well-known local charity. 

Having visited Lundy Island last year, the sisters – Isabelle (Year 10), Amelie (Year 7) and Charlotte (Year 1) – were inspired to recreate the ‘Lundy Letterboxes’ for a Herefordshire audience. 

Hidden in locations across the county are ten carefully hidden ‘letterboxes’, each containing an alphabet letter stamp and inkpad. All you have to do, is follow the clues to find each stamp and rearrange the letters to make a word. Everyone who enters their Hereford Treasure Fun draw and makes a donation to The Little Princess Trust will be in for the chance to win £100, donated by Hereford Vision Surgical Group. 

To add to the fun, one of the boxes also contains the ‘Herefordshire Heart’ stamp which participants will move from box-to-box around the county. 

The girls are hopeful that local families will have fun seeking out the boxes together. The locations have been chosen to show off some of Herefordshire’s best views, and encourage people to get off the beaten track to some lesser-known spots. The guidelines they have put together – from using hand sanitiser to following the countryside code – will also make sure to keep everyone safe. 

Isabelle, Amelie and Charlotte, pictured with the Headmaster, along with his Lundy Island memorabilia


Headmaster, Mr Paul Smith, said: “Having visited Lundy on several occasions including living on the island for a month whilst carrying out ecological research on the then rat population, this particular project has a particular resonance for me. Of course, The Little Princess Trust is dear to the School and is such a worthy cause. So, I am delighted that the Lundy Letterboxes are being recreated in Herefordshire for this worthwhile cause, and my hearty congratulations to Isabelle, Amelie and Charlotte for coming up with this idea.”

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