Religious Education

Religious Education plays a key role in Hereford Cathedral Junior School. Whilst the curriculum is Christian based, it also includes the teaching of major world faiths. Our aim is to prepare children for a multi-faith society and to promote religious tolerance, respect and understanding. Lessons are designed to encourage children to learn about religion and to learn from it. Teachers use a variety of methods to ensure effective learning is taking place. Drama, art, music, discussion, artefacts, stories and periods of quiet reflection all play a part in delivering lessons from Reception to Year 6. Where possible we aim to give children the opportunity to meet with different faith communities through visits to local places of worship.

Collective acts of worship are linked to Christian values and the teachings of Jesus. Through Assemblies and Services in the Cathedral we seek to contribute to children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. Opportunities to further enhance SMSC are identified not only in Religious Education lesson plans but also in other subject areas, extra-curricular activities and events within the life of the school.