School Transport

We are pleased to offer a variety of school minibus and coach services together with concessionary rail fares for our pupils.

Minibus services

These affordable services provide a reliable, supervised trip into school, and in addition help to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road each morning. We have several established routes available to you and are constantly looking to meet the needs and requirements of parents with new routes planned. 

The minibus service is very popular and due to this popularity we only have a limited number of seats available on each bus for September. Please note, there is a charge for the minibus service and routes are reviewed regularly. Therefore, the final routes and timings may change. We operate a waiting list system and should you be unsuccessful in securing a seat on the bus of your choice we will add you to the list and be in touch should a space become available. Please note that the School asks for half a term’s notice should the transport no longer be required.

This is a private bus service for the use of Hereford Cathedral School only and members of the public cannot, and do not, use the service.

Current inbound routes to Hereford Cathedral School:

Aymestrey via Leominster
Stop Time
Aymestrey 7.30am
Kingsland 7.32am
Leominster 7.47am
Wharton 7.52am
Baynhams via Pixley Berries
Stop Time
Baynhams 7.40am
Bavenhill 7.55am
Trumpet 8am
Pixley Berries 8.05am






Bromyard via Bodenham
Stop Time
Conquest Theatre 7.10am
Docklow Arms 7.30am
Butford Organics 7.40am
Bodenham Village Hall 7.45am
Sutton St Nicholas 7.55am
Cross Keys Inn 8.05am
Bartestree Centre Bus Stop 8.10am






Cradley via The Nest
Stop Time
The Hop Pocket 7.20am
Cradley Hall Farm 7.25am
Cradley BLSC 7.30am
Hollings Hill Farm  7.35am
Bosbury 7.40am
The Nest 7.50am







Eardisland via Burghill
Stop Time
Eardisland Bus Stop 7.30am
Bush Bank 7.45am
Burghill Bus Stop 7.55am






Harewood End via Fownhope
Stop Time
Harewood End 7.30am
Fownhop Tan House 7.54am
White Gates 7.55am
Stop Time
Hay Information Centre 7.15am
Clifford 7.20am
Bredwardine 7.25am
Madley 7.40am
Marsh Farm 7.45am
Kingstone 7.50am
Lock's Garage 7.55am
Allensmore Village Hall 7.57am





Ledbury via Dymock
Stop  Time
Ledbury Market House 7:30am
Dymock 7.50am
Salwey Arms
Stop Time
Moor Park School 7.15am
Richards Castle 7.20am
The Boot Inn, Orleton 7.25am
Salwey Arms 7.30am






Stop Time
The Pandy Inn 7.25am
Ewyas Harold (The Dog) 7.35am
Pontrilas 7.40am
Wormbridge 7.45am
Pembridge via Canon Pyon
Stop Time
Tillington 7.05am
Weobley 7.20am
Pembridge car park 7.30am
Canon Pyon 7.50am
Tillington, The Bell 7.55am
Stop Time
Recycling Centre 7.20am
Titley, Stansbach turn 7.25am
Kington Court 7.40am
Eardisley, Tram Inn 7.50am
Letton 7.55am
Garnons Lodge 8.05am
Wyevale 8.07am
Stop Time
Beefeater 7.40am
Mcfarlane Farm (drive) 7.52am
St Weonards
Stop Time
St Weonards 7.10am
Wilton Bridge 7.30am
Red Lion, Peterstow 7.40am
Pengethley 7.40am
Much Birch 7.45am
Kings Thorn Bus Stop 7.50am

Current outbound routes:

Aymestrey return
Stop Time
Dinmore Hill 4.15pm
Leominster 4.30pm
Kingsland 4.40pm
Aymestrey 4.45pm
Canon Pyon return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop Time
Burghill 4.15pm
Tillington (Bell) 4.20pm
Tillington 4.25pm
Canon Pyon 4.35pm
Cradley return

This service leaves from Number One at 4pm

Stop Time
Bartestree 4.10pm
The Hop Pocket 4.30pm
Fromes Hill 4.35pm
Cradley Hall Farm 4.40pm
Cradley 4.45pm
Hollings Hill Farm 4.50pm


Eardisland return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop Time
Bush Bank 4.20pm
Eardisland 4.35pm


Kington via Pembridge return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop Time
Pembridge Kings House 4.30pm
Kington 4.40pm


Ledbury return

This service leaves from the Portman Building at 5pm

Stop Time
Trumpet 5.25pm
Dymock 5.30pm
Ledbury 5.40pm
Baynhams 5.45pm





Ludlow return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop Time
Orleton Layby 4.35pm
Orleton 4.40pm
The Salwey Arms 4.45pm
Moor Park 4.55pm
Richards Castle 5pm


Pandy return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop TIme
Belmont 4.05pm
Allensmore Village Hall 4.07pm
Locks Garage 4.10pm
Pontrilas 4.20pm
Ewyas Harold (The Dog Inn) 4.30pm
The Pandy Inn 4.40pm


Presteigne return

This service leaves from Broad Street at 4pm

Stop Time
Oakchurch 4.15pm
Letton  4.20pm
Eardisley Tram Inn 4.30pm
Titley 4.40pm
Presteigne 4.50pm


Ross return

This service leaves from Hereford Cathedral Junior School at 4pm

Stop Time
Fownhope 4.15pm
Macfarlane Farm 4.20pm
How Caple Cross 4.25pm
Beefeater 4.30pm
Cantilupe Road 4.40pm
Bridstow 4.47pm
St Weonards return
Stop Time
Kings Thorn Bus Stop 4.15pm
Tump Lane 4.20pm
St Weonards 4.30pm
Red Lion Peterstow 4.45pm
Harewood End 4.50pm

Railway Information

We offer concessionary rail fares for our pupils. The season ticket prices for all Hereford Cathedral School users on the rail ticket scheme will be available from the HCS Transport Co-ordinator.

Stations: Abergavenny, Church Stretton, Colwall, Craven Arms, Ledbury, Leominster, Ludlow, Malvern, Worcester.

Further Information

If you have any questions, route suggestions or would like to find out more about our transportation options and available routes please call the Transport Co-ordinator on 01432 363545 or email