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PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale 2018

On Thursday 28 June 2018 there will be a sale of second hand uniform in the dining hall between 3.30pm and 4.30pm.

Please have a sort through your cupboards and bring in any uniform to sell.

This is how the sale works:

•    Clothes should be delivered to Mrs Boardman at reception in the Old Deanery between Friday 22 June and Tuesday 26 June. Any clothes delivered after this time may not go into this sale, but will be held until the next sale.

•    Clothes must be in a pristine condition and will be subject to a quality control check. 

•    Please complete a ‘garment label’ for each item and safety-pin this on to the garment. Labels to be used must be downloaded from the school website.

•    Please also complete a ‘sellers list’, listing all the items to be sold. This is also available to download from the school website.

•    All items will be sold at a predetermined fixed price (see price list on website). 

•    Clothes should be brought in on hangers where possible.

•    All items must be current uniform and be purchased originally from Clubsport.

•    Unfortunately, we will not be able to sell: swimming costumes/trunks, socks or school shoes.

•    Any money made from sales will be split between the seller (50%) and the PTA (50%). Alternatively you may wish to donate all monies to the PTA.

•    Items that are not sold will not be returned to the seller, but kept by the PTA for the next sale. There will be a record kept of the seller’s details so that when an item is sold at a later date, the profit can still be returned to the seller.  

•    Money from sales will be available to collect from Mrs Boardman in the Old Deanery in the week following the sale (2nd-6th July).

•    This will be a cash only sale.

•    Forms can be downloaded below

•    Any queries about the sale please email Kirsty Sockett at

> PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale: Price List 2018

> PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale: Garment Labels

> PTA Second Hand Uniform Sale: Sellers List