House System & Tutors

Cornwall House

Named after Richard de Cornwaille, first (known) Headmaster of Hereford Cathedral School, 1384.

Pupil Heads of House Lily B and Lucas G

Langford House

Named after Charles Langford, Dean of Hereford, benefactor 1607.

Pupil Heads of House Molly G and George K

Somerset House

Named after Sarah, Duchess of Somerset, benefactor 1682.

Pupil Heads of House Isabel C and Jessica D

Stuart House

Named after King Charles I, benefactor 1637.

Pupil Heads of House Bronwen D and Joseph P

Year 7

Head of Year: Miss Campion

Forms Form Tutors
7BEA Mr Abbott
7SCB Miss Bescoby/Mrs Foster
7MRJ Mr Jackson
7EKJ Miss Jarvis

Year 8

Head of Year: Mr Middleton

Forms Form Tutors
8FPA Sra Amodeo-Howell
8TCC Mrs Cassidy
8MEA Mr Edgar-Andrews

Year 9

Head of Year: Mrs Vines

Forms Form Tutors
9SDG Mr Gilbert
9CJH Mr Howells
9JP Mr Phillips
9SJR Ms Rimington

Year 10

Head of Year: Mr Smith

Forms Form Tutors
10FG Miss Greenough/Mrs Clarke
10SH Mrs Hopkins
10MAM Mr Milsom
10RKH Mr Hunt
10FLS Mrs Storey
10EDT Mr Tong

Year 11

Head of Year: Mr Ferriday

Forms Form Tutors
11ASE Dr Ellis
11CHH Mrs Hendry
11VJL Mrs Langman/Mrs Moss
11ADH Mr Howell
11LVP Mrs Pasifull

Assistant Head (Sixth Form): Mrs Teale

Year 12

Assistant Head of Year: Mr Martin

Forms Form Tutors
12PS Miss Sterckx/Mrs Jackson
12PMF Mrs Fowler/Mrs Price
12AAJ Miss Jones/Mr Martin
12JCG Mr Gibson

Year 13

Assistant Head of Year: Miss Sellar

Forms Form Tutors
13ENA Miss Atterby/Mrs Burdett
13NB Mrs Barlow
13JSM Ms Mallet/Mrs Phelps
13ALN Mr Near/Ms Curry
13CFD Mrs Davies/Miss Sellar