Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care system relies on the informed supportive structure in which all staff play an active part in the welfare of the pupils. The formal structure is centred upon the house system, its Heads of House, the Tutors and the Head of Sixth Form. The Matrons play significant welfare roles as well. The School also offers an on-site counselling service.

> Structure of the Pastoral and House System

Pupils stay in the same house throughout their time at the school, although their tutor will change either annually - in the lower years- or after two years in the GCSE/A Level years. Regular Heads of House meetings are held to discuss pastoral matters and each half-term all pupils are discussed in the Care List meetings. The Senior Tutor provides academic guidance to pupils in Year 11 and the Head of Sixth Form oversees the day-to-day welfare of the pupils in addition to the Head of House and tutor.

Each House appoints Form Monitors from its Sixth Form, responsible to House tutors and the Head of House for carrying out daily administrative and pastoral duties. These include morning registration, supervision in Chapel, organisation of House activities and helping pupils generally.

Houses are the main vehicles for the organisation of a wide variety of inter-house sport and extra-curricular activities. In addition, induction meetings are organised for new pupils and their parents. Some Houses hold social events for pupils and their parents over a weekend during the first half of the Autumn Term.

It is usual for siblings to be placed in the same House.

> Tutors

The principal duties of tutors are to be available to see each tutee both formally and informally, to develop a relationship of trust and confidence, and be closely and continuously aware of individual tutee’s problems and home background in order to provide practical and moral support, as required, in consultation with the Head of House and the pupil's parents.

Deputy Head Mr Bruce Blyth  
Head of Sixth Form Mr James Terry  
Heads of House Cornwall Mrs Clare Vines
Langford Mr Alistair Smith
Somerset Mrs Jill Pattison
Stuart Mr David Middleton
Matrons Mrs Helen Kemble-Davies 01432 363527
Mrs Sarah Hobby 01432 363527

> Lines of Communication

The first point of contact for parents is always the tutor. If the concern is pastoral the tutor is likely next to involve the Head of House. If it is academic, the tutor will involve the teacher or Head of Department.

Example Communication
A parental concern about their child Tutor and/or Subject Teacher then Head of House, Deputy Head and Deputy Head (Academic) if required
A query about a Year group event Head of House or Head of Sixth Form as appropriate
A query about coursework timing Head of Department, Deputy Head (Academic)
Concern regarding a particular teaching group Tutor and/or Head of Department and Deputy Head (Academic) as required