Chemistry is the study of change in the world around us. Chemistry is a practical subject and the Chemistry Department aims, particularly in years 7 to 9, to teach pupils through experiment and observation. With outstanding laboratory facilities, full technical support for all year groups, the Department consistently produces outstanding exam results.

Years 7-9

In Year 7 all pupils follow a Science course that covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics. The course is very much based on working in the laboratory and most lessons involve some sort of practical work, from heating with Bunsen burners to preparing microscope slides and making rubber-band cars.

In Years 8 and 9 Chemistry is taught as a separate subject. The emphasis is still very much on practical work but also developing an understanding of Chemistry at a molecular level.

GCSE course

GCSE Chemistry results are consistently excellent at Hereford Cathedral School. Pupils will either study three separate sciences or dual award science, with the decision made at the end of Year 9 after discussion between pupils and staff. For Chemistry the AQA course is followed and dual scientists will AQA GCSE Combined Science:Trilogy at the end of Year 11.

A-Level course

See our Sixth Form Curriculum here for details of our A-Level Chemistry course.

Outside the classroom

There is a weekly Chemistry club run for younger pupils, and assisted by Sixth Form pupils, who often choose the experiments themselves.

There is a Science Society, embracing all three sciences, with invited speakers coming from all areas of science and medicine.

There is a Biomedical Society for all those in Years 11 and above considering a career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science. This involves preparation for BMAT, UKCAT, medical interviews and also has regular speakers ranging from members of the profession to former Hereford Cathedral School pupils now studying at institutions throughout the UK.


Sixth Form students are encouraged to attend workshop courses for subjects varying from medicine to chemical engineering.

Year 10 pupils attend the GCSE `Science Live` conference in Birmingham with speakers such as Lord Winston and Richard Dawkins

Chemistry pupils
Chemistry teacher
Chemistry pupils