Maths is a subject which should be enjoyed by all. Happy pupils learn faster and the team of enthusiastic maths lovers in the Department will support, stretch and encourage pupils during an exciting five years (or more!).

The Department believes that pupils should be happy to come to their Maths lessons and has the following aims: to teach pupils at a level at which they experience success but are frequently challenged. To extend the most able pupils and support those who require it. To get the best out of every individual pupil.

Years 7-9

Maths is taught in sets based on ability. The programme of study is the same for all groups, which are taught at the same time, enabling movement between sets when appropriate. The Maths Department follows The White Rose course in Years 7 and 8. 

GCSE course

Across Years 9, 10 and 11 all pupils are prepared for the Edexcel IGCSE. The setting in GCSE years ensures that all pupils are given the best possible chance to fulfil their potential. Our most able pupils are also offered the opportunity to take the AQA Level 2 certificate in Further Mathematics in addition to the IGCSE course. Maths is taught exclusively by subject specialists who aim to communicate their love of the subject. The Maths Department expects all pupils to pass their IGCSE Maths (9 to 4). 

A-Level course

See Sixth Form Curriculum here for full details of our A-Level Maths course.

Outside the classroom

X: At this club, pupils enjoy the opportunity to compete, see unusual maths and have fun with puzzles. X is open to all ages. Come along and meet other keen problem solvers.

Lectures and Competitions: The Maths Department hosts lectures and competitions involving pupils from local schools, to share its love of the subject with the wider community.


UKMT Team Challenge: each year teams are taken to the Regional Finals of the UKMT Team Challenge and Senior Team Challenge.

Our Year 10 pupils also enjoy the MathsFeast competition.