One of the Romance languages, Spanish is a wonderfully melodic language, which many pupils find easy to pick up if they have already studied French.

It is the official language in twenty-one countries and the third most widely-spoken language in the world, after English and Mandarin.

More than 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide and experts predict that by the year 2050, there will be 530 million Spanish speakers, of which 100 million will be living in the United States. That many people can’t be wrong so its time to start communicating with the rest of the world.

> Years 7-9

In Year 8 all pupils start Spanish, the beginners’ course fast tracks the basics of the language and all pupils continue with the subject in Year 9. The fast pace of the lessons ensure that pupils feel confident to continue to GCSE level by the end of Year 9.
Teachers incorporate the four key language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing by using a range of up-to-date, interactive resources and ICT where possible. This approach ensures pupils have the best opportunity to engage with the language and learn about the culture of Spain.


A significant number of students opt for Spanish at GCSE as their core language or to study it alongside French. Following the AQA syllabus, pupils will have the confidence to communicate and develop their ideas in Spanish, and deal with day-to-day real life situations. Pupils have the opportunity to practise their language skills through regular contact with our native Spanish assistant and to take part in cultural trips.

> A Level

Students with an A* or A at GCSE Spanish often move onto A Level Spanish. At AS areas of study include the media, popular culture, healthy living and lifestyle as well as family/relationships.
At A2 Spanish film, literature, the environment and contemporary social issues are covered as pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding of this fascinating language. Pupils have regular contact with our native Spanish assistant, particularly for practising speaking skills.

> Trips

For Years 8 & 9 the Department organises a trip to Spain every two years, giving pupils an opportunity to practise the language and place their studies into context.

Years 9-13 are given the chance to visit Spain as part of the new Spanish Exchange programme. Our link school is in the beautiful and historical city of Zaragoza, in northeastern Spain. Our Spanish friends will return and stay with their correspondents.