Senior School PTA

PTA cakes

Hereford Cathedral School has an extremely active Senior School PTA, set up to organise a variety of social and fundraising events throughout the year to help raise funds for particular school projects.


Chair Kirsty Sockett
Minutes Secretary Kerrin Williams
Events Secretary Annie Rees
Treasurer Jacqui Rawlings


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Committee Members

Year 7
Lucy Adam, Catriona Hopkins, Nathalie Teale
Year 8
David Owen, Rebecca Blackman

Year 9
Diane Rogers, Ann Grier, Charlotte Allcock, Claire Morgan-Jones

Year 10
Beth Hudson, Zena Helme, Sandra Lloyd
Year 11
Rebecca Jones, Nichola Evans
Year 12
Erica Sayce, Sally Bricknell, Zoe Wheeler, Edward Helgeson
Fiona Butler, Juliette Austen-Chandler
Headmaster Paul Smith (ex officio)
Mr Bruce Blyth (ex officio)
Mr Craig Howells
Mrs Nathalie Teale

(Registered Charity Number: 508783)