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By Year 12 reporter, Lucy M

When July rolls around it doesn’t only signal the start of summer, but for the Year 11s, preparations for the long-awaited annual prom commence. 

This year was no different, apart from the setting, which was switched from Hampton Court to the idyllic Lyde Court.  

The modes of prom transport are always a talking point, and this year saw pupils arriving in vehicles ranging from a dune buggy, to a Jaguar XK150, to a G-Wagon the size of a two-bedroom house. 

The girls arrived looking chic with their accompanying dates, with some couples opting for co-ordinating outfits. Pupil Polly S turned up in a hand-made navy gown with her school subjects discreetly embroidered in the hem, whilst Polly T put on an elaborate Oriental display in a traditional Chinese dress. The boys looked well turned out in their suits, with Charlie Laing sporting a pair of cool shades to fend off the July sun.

The inside of the beautiful venue had a wonderful rustic feel, with fairy lights and bunting draped from the ceiling. The committee had gifted each pupil with sweets in a dainty yellow box. During the evening, a few of the pupils and even teachers were presented with awards, with the ‘Life of the Party’ prize, going to Maisie C. 

A disco with songs requested by pupils brought the evening to an end. It was certainly a night to remember.

More prom photos can be found on the HCS Facebook page.