Remote Learning

Although our school buildings are temporarily closed for most of our pupils, our teachers are working hard to create meaningful learning experiences for pupils of all ages. 

Watch the video below to hear our Headmaster introducing pupils to their first day of remote learning on Monday 23 March.

Top tips for remote learning

  1. Develop a routine. Having a pattern and rhythm to your day will help you to keep on top of your academic work and get used to working remotely. But be flexible and don't worry if you can't stick to it exactly.
  2. Set up a workspace. It is helpful to have a tidy area dedicated to your school work if you can. Make sure you have a comfortable set up and think about your posture too.
  3. Take time to relax and play. This is fundamental to our well being and a great way to relieve stress. While your academic work is important, it's also vital that you balance this with some time to rest and have fun with your family members and pets.
  4. Stay connected. During this period, it is important that we keep in touch with friends and family that we're not able to see face-to-face. Video calls are a great way to do this.
  5. Be informed. Keep abreast of what is happening in the news, but try not to spend too much time listening to reports which can become very draining.
  6. Keep safe on screens. You will need to be online frequently during this period, so make sure you are vigilant and check your privacy settings.
  7. Use your support network. Worry and anxiety are to be expected, but remember that as well as speaking to your friends and family, your form tutors and teachers are here to support you too.
Junior School Remote Learning

At Hereford Cathedral Junior School, we recognise that it is important to strike a balance between continuing with our academic studies and maintaining our physical and mental well being.

Our teachers are providing a range of tasks and activities for the pupils each day based upon their school timetable. We also encourage all of the children to enjoy some time day getting some fresh air outdoors, being active and relaxing with their family members and pets.

All of our teachers are available on email to provide feedback on the children's work, as well as helping with any other questions and concerns our parents might have.

Senior School & Sixth Form Remote Learning

In the Senior School & Sixth Form, Firefly and Microsoft Teams are being used to deliver the curriculum. We believe it is important to maintain an appropriate pattern and rhythm to the day, so our older pupils are closely following their usual school timetable, with tasks and activities set for them by their subject teachers each day.

All our pupils are also encouraged to read for at least 30 minutes a day and to keep healthy through regular exercise. 


Remote Learning: How to maintain your wellbeing
Remote Learning Wellbeing


Remote Learning: Staying well when working at a computer
Remote Learning Posture


Awesome remote learning, impressed that you have kept Year 11s and Year 13s going as well...although no exams, they will benefit from the independent learning skills they will develop that will help them with A-Levels and university.
HCS Parent

As well as keeping on top of their academic studies, we are continuing to provide pastoral support to our pupils through contact with their form tutors and teachers.

Wherever possible, we encourage pupils to keep up with their extra-curricular activities at home. Music instrumental and vocal lessons, for example, are being provided online through video conferencing, and our sports staff are working hard on fun ideas to keep our pupils active.

We are also keen for our pupils to maintain contact with friends at this difficult time, offering each other support and friendship. 


Although we are currently not able to hold our usual open events, tours and taster days, we are more than happy to send an electronic prospectus or set up a Skype meeting with the Headmaster. Please use the buttons below to contact us or request a prospectus.