Sport is central to the Hereford Cathedral School experience. Through our philosophy of sport, we aim to nurture all pupils – those who are skilled athletes as well as those who want to participate, keep fit and have fun.


Our comprehensive programme, rooted in engagement, development and inclusion, ensures that every pupil actively participates in sporting and physical activities weekly, under the guidance of our top-tier coaching.

We champion the aspirations of elite athletes, supporting their journey to regional and national recognition, while also nurturing a love for an active lifestyle among all pupils.

Pupils enjoy Games lessons and training sessions (before and after school) covering a wide range of sports including rugby, hockey, netball, football, cricket, athletics and, from Year 9, rowing. Further opportunities are available through our lunchtime and after-school clubs such as fencing, badminton and basketball. What’s more, students enjoy the opportunity to compete in everything from swimming and aquathlon to biathlon, equestrian and cross country.

At HCS, our sports programme supports the development of important life skills, personal growth and lifelong wellness.

The HCS Sports Vision

Underpinned by our values of kindness, courage and integrity, the HCS vision is that sport should make a positive impact on our pupils’ lives:

1 Physical and Mental Wellbeing

We prioritise the well-being of our student-athletes, offering support and resources for both physical and mental health. A healthy balance between academics and sports is encouraged to promote overall well-being.

2 Sportsmanship and Respect

We instil values of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for opponents, officials, and teammates. Our athletes understand that success on the field is not just about winning but also about displaying exemplary character.

3 Emphasis on Team Spirit

While individual talent is essential, we prioritise cultivating a strong sense of team spirit and unity. Our athletes are encouraged to support and uplift one another, fostering a positive and cohesive team dynamic.

4 Representation

Our vision entails every pupil having the opportunity to represent the School in a competitive sports event during their time at Hereford Cathedral School. We aim to offer a diverse range of sporting opportunities, ensuring that each pupil can find their niche and contribute to the School’s sporting success.

5 Adapting to Evolving Needs

We continuously assess and evolve our sports programme to cater to the changing interests and needs of our pupils, ensuring relevance and excitement in our sporting offerings.

6 Excellence in Coaching

We are committed to providing exceptional coaching to all our pupil-athletes. Our coaching staff must comprise of dedicated professionals with expertise in their respective sports, nurturing talent and instilling a passion for continuous improvement.

7 Multiple Teams

We aspire to develop and maintain a minimum of two senior level teams in each sport, as well as two teams per sport, per year group. This ambition means that students would have plenty of opportunities both to compete and to represent the School.

8 Competition for Places

We believe in fostering healthy competition among pupils to earn places in school teams and crews. This approach not only raises the overall standard of our teams but also teaches resilience and determination as pupils strive to secure their spots.

9 Extensive Fixture Calendar

We maintain a comprehensive fixture calendar that includes regular competitive opportunities, ensuring our teams and crews gain valuable experience and exposure.

10 Celebration of Achievements

We celebrate the achievements of our sporting community, acknowledging both individual accomplishments and team successes. This recognition encourages a sense of pride and motivation to strive for greater heights. This is done through Headmaster’s Assembly, Sports Award Dinners, the awarding of Colours and Half-Colours and our HCS Sport Instagram page.

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