The Art Department follows a traditional Fine Art curriculum that embraces new modern technology without losing sight of the essential skills and disciplines that create confidence and build success. This dynamic, flagship department concentrates on nurturing the skills of drawing in all its guises, as an integral response to the development of an idea from concept to realisation of intentions. Painting, sculpture, print making and photography are the building blocks for a strong foundation in which to explore and develop a personal response to the visual world. Critical-study also plays a huge part in understanding the cultural heritage and contextual tradition of the pupils' work.

Please see below the Hereford Cathedral School Virtual Art Exhibition from 2020.

Years 7-9

During these essential formative years the Art Department aims to develop each pupil’s confidence in their ability to use a variety of media, explore an idea and take pride in their achievement. Pupils learn how to draw, paint and develop pieces of sculpture or print. It is important to instil a sense of value and pride in the enterprise taken by the individual, and to encourage them to enjoy the sense of wonder at learning a new skill or discovery.

All work is project based, so that pupils understand that a painting or drawing is not necessarily an end in itself but could lead to other avenues of research. Pupils are taught how to develop an idea and to think laterally.

GCSE course

GCSE Fine Art allows pupils to build on their previous experience of this subject. The Department aims to introduce new medias and working processes to expand the pupil’s visual vocabulary. During the first two terms pupils are taught how to develop a coursework project based on a broad theme initiated by their teacher. They become familiar with the requirements of the syllabus. The syllabus is 60% coursework and 40% exam project.

A-Level course

See Sixth Form Curriculum for full details of our A-Level Fine Art and A-Level Textile Art courses.

Outside the classroom

The Art Department is open after school on most evenings for pupils to work on their pieces and exchange ideas in a relaxed setting.


Visits to stimulate and excite are organised by the Department. Destinations include galleries in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Moscow and Amsterdam to see the great works of art in situ.

Art pupil and teacher