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The Quiet Garden was anything but today, as Year 3 enthusiastically participated in the inaugural ‘HCJS Highland Games’. This event was put on to help the children delve deeper into the rich customs and traditions of Scotland, which they are currently studying as part of their topic work.

The afternoon was filled with excitement and laughter as the children showcased their skills in various entertaining games. From ‘Haggis Hurling’ and ‘Welly Wanging’, to the challenging caber tossing, the event was a true celebration of Scottish culture. One of the highlights of the afternoon was the presence of Mrs Sandy, who provided the enchanting tunes of the bagpipes during the opening and closing ceremonies. Additionally, the traditional Scottish dancing, expertly led by Mrs Hoffmann, provided us with a brilliantly fun and enriching experience.

The atmosphere was vibrant with the sounds of bagpipes echoing around us and the colourful displays of tartan headbands adding to the festive spirit of the occasion. It was truly a memorable afternoon, filled with camaraderie and an appreciation of Scottish heritage.