An education at Hereford Cathedral Junior School combines inspiring classroom teaching with the invaluable first-hand experience that young people can only learn by venturing out into the world. From local trips to international expeditions, we are firm believers in letting our students develop the curiosity to explore, backed by a trusted and experienced team who ensure their safety and emotional wellbeing.

From local explorations to global adventures, we foster confidence and leadership through hands-on experiences. Pupils love to take their learning outside of the classroom and explore new and exciting places.

Our HCJS trips programme grows alongside your child’s confidence and independence. In their earliest years with us, our young people may go to local cafes, parks or woodlands as they explore the world around them.

As our classroom teaching sparks their interest in history or science and technology, we’ll venture out to other major cities such as Cardiff, Bristol or Birmingham to locations like science centres for a hands-on experience, religious centres such as mosques or synagogues or art galleries for dedicated workshop activities.

To encourage leadership skills and a sense of adventure, we also ensure pupils experience an exciting outward-bound opportunity further afield which may include kayaks, high-ropes or zip-wires!  That’s not the only residential trip we offer: Junior School boys and girls have been on sports tours to Ireland, Guernsey and other parts of Britain, as well as cultural trips to Paris and northern France.