CCF: Navy Section

Hereford Cathedral School's CCF Navy Section is buoyant (excuse the pun!) and active. It takes advantage of being close to the River Wye and Bodenham Lake about five miles north of Hereford. The Royal Navy run and organise a tremendous variety of interesting and challenging courses throughout each year. Similar to the Army and RAF, flying, parachuting and climbing are on offer, but in addition to these there are many waterborne activities such as diving, sailing, kayaking and surfing available to name just a few of them. Again similar to the other Arms most are free to cadets.

When the major ships are in dock at either Portsmouth or Cardiff an invitation is always extended to RN cadets to visit them. Cadets can also attend HMS Bristol for extended periods and HCS CCF cadets have done this during their annual Field Days.

A mandatory RN cadet syllabus is taught and pupils can then gain qualification badges and rank as they progress through each year group.