Design & Technology: Product Design

Why study Design & Technology?

Product design describes the act of conceptualising, planning, creating and implementing a product using architectural or engineering related studies and tools. Students will learn from the wider influences on the subject including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors.

Topics of study at A-Level

Study will focus on core technical, designing and making principles, including:

  • The use of computer systems - CAD, CAM and CIM
  • Digital Design and Manufacture
  • Business Studies covering Enterprise and Marketing in the development of products. 
  • Art and Design, Design Communication, History of Design and Design Theory. 
  • Material Science including, Smart Materials, Modern Materials and Composite Materials.  
It's all about the satisfaction of creating a new product: from conception & design to manufacture.
Lewis, Sixth Form DT Student

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Students visit a variety of businesses to understand the manufacturing and engineering functions. Past students regularly visit school to discuss their professional roles in design and engineering. We also run factory and industry visits and our range of Design & Technology trips in the UK and overseas offer students the opportunity to see spectacular and inspirational architecture, products, design and art.

What this subject might lead to

By studying Design and Technology, you’ll be able to build up your creativity, problem-solving, planning, and evaluation skills. Design and technology can set you up for a career in many differerent industries, and students have gone on to study a variety of subjects such as 3D Design, Product Design, different areas of Engineering, Architecture, Graphics and Advertising.

Suggested entrance requirement (if applicable)

A GCSE in Design and Technology, Engineering or Design, Art or just an interest in areas Product Design or Architecture.