HCS Sixth Form offers an unforgettable experience and memories that are cherished by students for a lifetime. We support students’ academic journeys while also inviting them to enjoy everything the next two years have to offer. Alongside lively social events and relaxing lunches with friends in Café 1384, students give back to the community and develop skills that will benefit them at university and beyond.

Fostering academic & personal growth

While our teaching staff continue to provide exceptional small-group A-Level and BTEC tuition, our Sixth Form students relish the independence of managing their own workloads outside of lesson time. We have high expectations of all our students and create a focussed learning environment in which they can thrive.

Working in the comfort of our recently modernised Sixth Form studies and collaborative spaces during study periods, you will learn the importance of both teamwork and individual responsibility. That said, you are never alone in your journey; our dedicated teachers are always available to offer support and guidance when needed, ensuring you are fully prepared for your exams and ready to embrace future challenges.

A Balanced Life

Academic diligence is vital, but it’s equally important for our Sixth Form students to find balance with some well-deserved downtime. When you join HCS Sixth Form, you’ll unwind and socialise during breaks and lunchtimes in our dedicated Sixth Form centre, meeting friends at our stylish onsite Café 1384 for hot drinks, smoothies, and a variety of delicious and nutritious snacks and meals. For a change of scenery, you’ll be just a short stroll from Hereford’s historic High Town.

Community & Connections

Throughout the year, our Sixth Form social events provide regular opportunities for students to connect, strengthen existing friendships, and forge new ones. Our student-led Social Committee organise a vibrant and diverse programme of events. These include movie nights, where students can relax and enjoy the latest films together, the elegant Year 12 Winter Ball, and the Year 13 Prom, which provides a memorable conclusion to our students' journey at HCS.

Leadership & Service

Sixth Form is also a time when many of our young people choose to give back to the community. Some take on leadership roles within the School, volunteering as Year 7 form mentors, peer mentors, ambassadors, interns and sports captains, or fulfilling important daily duties as a Year 13 Monitor.

Through our Student Ambassador Roles which cover everything from Charities and Wellbeing to Music, Art, Drama and Academics, Year 12 students become a vital part of our school community. They have the chance to represent the school with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive environment across all years.

Meanwhile, other students add to their CVs while serving the wider county of Hereford, as they take on volunteer positions in local organisations and primary schools, or paid roles in career-relevant institutions.